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Hey I'm so lucky I got picked last
Like a flower in a field of a million
Take it how you see it
That beautiful landscape is a painted portrait
An everlasting television
A fake hybrid
A situational crisis that can't be solved
What you see isn't what you get
Like a diamond in the rough
Imagine how many of those were thrown away
Electric shock therapy
How many brain cells are you throwing away trying to find your happy place
Smoking dope, poppin bars, rolling face, getting hit with lace
Smoking dope, poppin bars, rolling face, getting hit with lace
Bitch I’m so fucked up I’m tweaking in my bed
I can’t sit still
I can’t go to sleep
Up off no sleep and I’m going mad
Got all these demons crawling up my walls
Tearing down my walls
I let my walls down
And they got crushed to the ground
No freedom is free
Were all a slave to something
Maybe to you
It’s kinda sad
What I might do for you
It’s kinda sad some of these thoughts I be thinking about
To tell th
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 4 0
Elevated Thoughts
Elevated thoughts
Store bought bones
Broken cones
Ripped papers
Highed up
Puff puff and I don’t give two shits
Puff puff and I don’t give two hits
Nigga be fucking off half packing
And that shit ain’t no good if its thin like a fucking cracker
Twistin stank cause I’m bored
Passing out cause I just smoked a couple zones
Trippin face like getting sprayed with mace
Got your girl sleeping off this haze
Imma slip her the D
She gonna wake up swallowing some baby lead
Then she gonna gimme some more head
Call me french cause I need my after smoke
Tell that bitch to roll me up somethin pretty
And forget about them draws
She roll one, I tell her no
She roll two, I tell her no
She roll three, I’m feeling like superman
Smoking that bad
Getting stupid like Thad
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t here
Thats why I get stupid high
But I’m still here
Smoking on that purple
Feeling like the sixties
Hey Jimi
What up nigga
Can’t believe that dmt
My brain so empty
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 3 5
The Silver To My Sword
Every time I think about your name
I get these goose bumps and I kinda get sad
I got these tears that just don’t run
And I don’t know why i’m crying
I’m not even sad, maybe I’m over happy
Or maybe too sappy
I’m done being alone
And I want you to understand that
You got the lyrical notes to my chest
Your better than the rest
I know you just wanna take it moment by moment
But what if my moment came and gone
And I’m just waiting on the bus
I’m waiting on the bus to your heart
And I think I missed it
I think I missed it
You say your not ready
Well I’d wait a whole year
And after that year if you said you weren’t ready, I might just die
I might just die
I’ll teach you how to love yourself
I’ll bring you back to my level
I’ll do anything because you are the one
Atleast I think so, so lets just have some fun
Three years and shit has changed so much
You knew me at my high point
And you saw me at my lowest
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 5 6
Feelin like I gotta cough
I wave my hand and shivers run down my arm to my finger tips
I point you out in the crowd
You look right at me
Looking like “what the hell?"
Im staring deep inside you giving you a smirk
You can see my dimple
I’m giving her the shivers
Such elegant quivers
I’m walkin over to her and she shakin in her boots
I stroked her cheek with my hand
And it looked as if I hit her with a frying pan
Her face turned so pink
Blushing so hard
There ain’t no cover up in the world thats gonna cover that up girl
Your like a pink star
Ever so bright in my night
And did I tell you I was gonna take you home tonight
So you could take me home tomorrow
Cause imma change your world
Imma steal that first kiss
And I’ll fight anybody for it
Bloody knuckles and broken chuckles
Kids playing in the forest corridor
Walking four by four
Leaning on a glass door
Peering through my eyes
There in disguise
You can see my rise
Or my fall
So just call me the sun and the m
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 5 0
These words to paper
But they don’t mean a thing
But you all think they mean a thing
But this right here it don’t mean a fucking thing
She said some shit today
She don’t even know what she does to me
You don’t want me to call you names no more
Yet you say you miss me when im gone
Texting me with your phone
Say you miss me again
But im not even gonna text back this time
You can’t even make up your mind
I don’t got all the time in the world
But I give you all my time in the world
But what do I get back?
A cold shoulder not even a half back
It started like a joint with some amazing fire
Then it started running and burnt out after awhile
Shit got all ashy
I tried brush it off
But I guess all I did was hurt you
And I don’t even understand
Baby I thought I was the man for you
But maybe your just not on my level
Sayin shit like you don’t even know
Pissing me off, like I just wanna go
But I don’t let that shit show
Imma just smoke til my lu
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 4 0
Rehabilitated Rewind
Ohh just bring me to rehab
I’m going nuts
My brain turning to peanut butter
Sick of this life
Sick of the faces
I wanna choke you with a pair of fly laces
Got my stunner shades on
Got my new clean kicks
And I’m fuckin you just for shits
Sticking around for the little things
Sorta like a lot of things
So easy I get mad
But you could  never tell
I’m in hell so I’m always sweating
I told you I loved you
What a mistake
Can’t even get a kiss with some mistletoe
Thats why im sayin why this hoe?
Take out my heart and reset the dial
I wanna file a complaint
Mom and dad, what the fuck
Why’d you give me feelings?
I got these tears crawling up my face
And the dog is sitting on the rewind button
Ohhhh shit!
Here we go again
Can I get a ride to the hospital
Could you just give me some hospitality
I’m losing my mind, like this isn’t reality
I feel im gonna be the next fatality
There gonna bring a gun and shoot me down
I’ve said to much
I bro
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 5 0
I got a girl and she don’t wanna be mine
But shes mine
I got her hooked like she lookin for phonics
And I can turn her on like electronics
She say im something special
And I’m starting to believe it
We get together and smoke so many trees
We gettin calls from green peace
Rolling up green leaves imma about to leave
And float away like a leaf
If you don’t believe me I’ll see you later
Because I’m an alligator
And baby your my plover
My ever secret lover
I just wanna hop under the covers
Girl I’d fly a plane into the ocean if you were drowning
I’d blow up a building if you couldn’t handle your job anymore
Kidnap you right off the spot
You know I already got one rolled
Baby girl just light my fire
Lets get a little bit higher
When your around were floating on cloud nine
So why don’t you just be mine
Baby your my weed girlfriend
And I don’t mind that a bit
As long as we stay lit
It’s gotta be so weird for you
Dating your drug
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 12 7
Exhaling The Sky
Sittin here puffin on that loud loud
Yes that loud, super loud baby
Get in the whip, it be that cloud baby
Heavy puffin, car lookin like its filled with stuffin
Shit mamma you growin a garden
While I'm exhaling and growing the sky
I'm not gonna lie
I'm super high
Purple and green
I am a fiend
Got a nigga on lean
Whilin out like charlie sheen
Bitches love it when I'm mean
Probably got all my friends cause they fiends
But thats life
Whats next?
Go get a wife
Nah scratch that go get a new life
Shit son I am the sun and under me you'll have fun
I got dreads and yall think I'm a hippy
It's probably true
Cause I'm never blue
And I love nature, I'm always on that green
I hate to spill out the exhaust, but I gotta let the clouds grow
So in love with nature I'm eating her little nipples off the forest floor
Tripping like the trees turning into a corridor
Walking straight into the ocean
But it was a glass door
And It was only an hour past four
We got nothing to do besides put the pedal to the fl
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 12 13
I don't even know where to start
So I just cut open my heart
Throw it at your head like a dart
I'm so conceited so im gonna talk about myself
I've had a life
I've had a wife
And I've had a daughter
I'm only twenty years old and I'm an old man
But I lost my life
So I gotta make a new one
It's like I was reborn
I got a brand new set of horns
And a giant thorn
I got a new soul, I mean I'm soulless
I sold it for everything I ever wanted
But I only ever got the building blocks
And they all crumbled to the touch
My life was never easy
I wish I could get things done like its sleazy
But nigga I think I'm to lazy
Maybe I smoke too much bud
Stay too hazy
Always faded because I can't handle
It makes me sad
The life I could of had
But I'm a lying lion
And I'll burn the herb til I fall asleep and burn the house down
Got a frown on my face but I don't give a shit
Move on and smoke another l
Pop a couple pills
Get some easy thrills
Put on the bass that kills
If I can't hear you the volume is not high
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 12 8
Ain't no streaks on my glass house
Ain't nothing in my glass house
Cause the kids down the road threw rocks at my glass house
Now I kinda feel like a mouse
People always be asking me if something's wrong
I say the same damn thing everytime
But they still ask everytime
What the fuck
My face looks sad all the time
I can't help it
Why don't you try to make me smile
I'll throw something fake at ya
Cause thats what my emotions are
I think too much
I wish I could turn it off
Because I over think everything and it makes me crazy
Thats why I probably have trust issues
I'll give you a box of tissues
Cause I know your gonna cry
I'll tell you all the times I got high
I can see your eyes seep in your mind
Wishing you could read my mind
I kinda feel bad
But this life of mine is mad
And I know you don't wanna hear this shit
But this shit is my life
And I hate it, but I gotta live it
Thats why I don't care anymore
What do I got to do anymore
What am I here for anymore
I got a million questions
But no
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 5 3
When I was little I was so content with my life
But now I'm fucking bored
So I can't stand to be on your level
Gotta be up in the sky
I like getting high
Pass around a pound of bud
Smoke it down until its sticks and stems
Smoke some hash
Smoke some hash
Make some cash
So high I don't know what your saying
You feel so distant
I think your turning into an ant
I found a cloud and I don't think you can find me
I don't think you can get to my level
You'll get here and slide off the bevel
Shit girl I told you I was high
Fuck off my plane
Told you I got a new girl
Your just that old girl
You just that old hoe
Some old gold
I want some new gold
Some silver and platinum bitches
Those girls drink diamonds and champagne
While you drink cocaine in the rain
Hows that for your brain
I'm going off like im insane
I got a spike in the brain
I mean a leak in the brain
I smoke to much
I don't know what the fuck half the time
But what ever live life like a mime
I can't feel emotions
I got that shit turned
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 5 13
Blukka Blukka Blow
Down on an island by the bay where the rastas smoke up the sky
Smokin sensi like I'm getting sensitive
Puffin hard like marley, I got a heart of a lion
I've seen the light of jah
And I've touched hands with buddha
Been cut by the world
And I bled green
And life goes on and on and on
on and on and on
on and on and on
Call me a heavy weight
Got that weight in the arena
And got that weight in the trunk
Get my shit from all over the world
Never been to the left coast, Always on the right coast
But I said fuck em both and headed to the sky
Without you I'd rather die
Light without the jah
And no balance without buddha
Get up everyday to the light of jah
And smoke my whole jar
Go fuck around in the bar
Drinking ain't for me
It leaves you not thinking
So drinking is for me
Cheers to this and that
Heres a bong for that
Heres some sensi
And heres a lighter
Girl I'm gonna get you lighter than air
And run my fingers through your hair
I hope you know I care
I'm never here, but I'm always there
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 3 4
The day you wanna escape
Run away from everything you know
The days where being alone in your room just aren't enough
The thoughts you think, make you look for the sink
Your friends think your a fool
So you drowned in the pool
Disperse out of reality like a couple sparrows
Watch the sun fall as your eyes narrow
Your body jerks
The hand that gives, takes you
Watching as the crows tear through your outer layer
No blood, only dead flesh
Organs start showing and turning into flowers
Your body fills with dirt and the roots tighten upon your spine
One of the one hundred you're gonna turn into a wild vine
You're lost, there is no map, only staples in the ground where you grow
Never moving not even glowing
Only dead spots showing
Forever reaching for the sun
But you're never gonna touch it
Climbing the highest mountain
Stretching up the tallest tree
You're never gonna get there
Only a warm lick or a cold breeze spitting kicks
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 9 3
Remembering when I was a kid
On my bike riding as fast as I could
Crash into a wall or flip over the handle bars
I don't care cause Im not gonna die
I know its not fate
And I know I'm here for something
Dunno what though
But I gotta stack up that dough
Become my own accountant
Fooling the tax brackets
Like we running rackets
When I was young I was told just to take it in
Inhale it all in, your lungs
Coughing up a lung
Instantly High
Mind blown
Lets talk outer space
I'm on the ground
But I'm so high
I'm in the sky
But I'm so low
Ever since then I've been on my mental floss
Feeling like a boss
Always got that smoke
Stay higher than a bird
Cause my chick always down for a third
I know people be saying I probably smoke too much
Probably but not enough
Fuck my lungs
Replace them with a couple bongs
Give me a couple joints and some bitches in thongs
Cough up a bong
And it's a party
When I got a bit older
Gave everybody the cold shoulder
Smoke my weed and fuck the world
Write my shit and spit
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 6 6
The Island
I must admit
I could never be with a girl who don't smoke
Cause I feel so lonely if you don't smoke with me
It's like baby
Just come sit on my lap
While I roll up this mango
We'll take a trip to a tropical island
I'll treat you like an angel
Bend you in all the right angles
And I hope you treat me good
Cause your such a looker
High heels like a hooker
This lemon liqueur got me tippin
This mango got me trippin
Got a boat load of bud trees
Lost somewhere on the island
Everyday sand in my toes
Lookin for my many o's
Baby girl sittin next to me lookin into the abyss
Floatin on an island
Wish this was my land
But I can't buy land
Cause Im lost like this island
She got her makeup running
Trying to fix that shit
I'm like baby just wash it off
That shit don't fly with me
Get natural
Nice and clean
Smoke that green
Get bear naked
Eat some granola
Float in the ocean and forget about jewels and gold
Cause baby girl you and me were gonna get old
So for now just deal
Your hand is done just fold
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 10 5
All the people I use to know are better than me
Thats what they expect of me
But everyday I'm trying to do my thing
Never went to college
Dropped outta high school
Couldn't handle that shit anymore
I feel like I'm so old
Stuck in a young body
I just wanna hurry up and settle down
Live life and be better than what people expect
I'm simply nothing
Invisible like air
Unknown, so you probably forgot my name
I wish these words could pay the bills
But there free like speech
Cause I'm so unimportant
Someday I might have to pay to speak
Words just leaking outta my mouth like a leaky faucet
Sometimes you don't even know what your saying
Just spit it out
Cough it up like a hair ball
Because baby I care and were running outta time
Like tequila without the lime
I'm in my prime
I'm probably lying that was like 4 years ago
Just couldn't stop
Like who am I?
I can't remember, something like memento
I wish my life was a movie
Get a dinner and enjoy
You won't believe
You wouldn't wanna see some of the s
:iconicefirex:IceFireX 7 0


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Andrew Rich
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Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.
Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.
Thereby you can be the director of the opponents fate.



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